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Bean and Bob and Baby
04 September 2013 @ 03:35 am
I finally stocked my Etsy shop!!

And now sleeeeeep. I hope.
Bean and Bob and Baby
27 August 2013 @ 07:32 pm
This morning Hunter said "No milk Mama!" awww. I guess the weaning is going well. It's bittersweet. But I'm definitely ready. He seems ready now too. He never nurses for long anymore. He'll skip whole days now too. It's weird. But it's a relief in ways.

I'll miss it. Mostly for the times I could hold him quietly.
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Bean and Bob and Baby
20 August 2013 @ 03:05 pm
Hunter do it all by Hunter's self. Now.

Hunter do it all by myself. Learning.

I do it all by myself. Next.
Bean and Bob and Baby
13 August 2013 @ 11:42 am
Little things like me telling Hunter "hey your underwear is on backward." and him responding with "no, it's on forward." make me smile. His verbal skills are really good. He's using "me" instead of "Hunter" when referencing himself. Using "the", "and" and "a". Which is really cool.

It's weird, on behavioral stuff, I have to remind him again and again but with words and ideas, one time usually suffices. For instance, I described the sun as a big ball of fire and he's been saying that ever since.

He's really interested in why day is light and night is dark and asks about where the sun goes.

He's watching the Magic School Bus right now. He likes documentaries.

I'm really excited about teaching him. He's a sponge. And a really absorbant one.

He didn't really talk much till he was past two, but now he's blazing along. And fairly easily understood too.

I was looking at the milestone charts and he's doing things on track for some things and at the level of a 5 year old in others. Definitely precocious.

He's writing some letters, H, U, N, T, E, R, M, O, and I. He recognizes his name, Mama and Dada when written. Oh and HEB, lol. We're picking out letters in the wild, like on signs. A totally fun game.

He knows most colors and shapes, animals, things, foods, and he asks why pretty much constantly.

Having a potty trained child is so awesome, I can't even explain. I'm so glad to be done with diapers.

Being Hunter's mama is a wonderful adventure. Because he's smart, funny - yes, he's funny. And his jokes are getting better all the time. And he's sweet and loving.

But he's also a little punk. He's as strong willed as we are. Which is pretty darned independent and willful. But at least I understand that a. It's not personal and b. It's a reflection of our own personalities, we made him from our genetics. Of course he's hard headed. We'll try and be as patient with him as we would like others to be with us.

Okay, gotta clean. Bye!
Bean and Bob and Baby
17 July 2013 @ 12:10 am
So I've not written in here lately. Let's see...
Hunter has been out of diapers completely since Flipside. He's had a few accidents, but not many. He pees standing up with no help. Like he just up and runs off to the potty every so often. It's so great. I can ask him to hold it when we're out and about. Not sure how long though, I haven't tested that as I prefer not to have pee in my car.

I'm still wiping his butt, but I'm teaching him how.

Potty stuff out of the way, he's recognizing a bunch of letters, he's counting to 11, he's doing puzzles really well with his hands and on the tablet. Still a great balancer. He's playing with his letters and books a bunch. We do counting games, sorting, matching, opposites etc. He's into it.

The awful pain in the ass part of what it is to be Hunter's mom is all the hitting, biting, spitting and kicking. Omg fucking annoying and obnoxious. I've tried so many things and I'm just not even sure what to do other than wait it out at this point. Guh.
I know it's a phase but JeezUmPete it's super antisocial behavior that makes me not want to subject others to him. He's not doing it all the time with others though. Just when he randomly gets a bug up his butt. And mostly in response to something he's not pleased with. It's his power and he's using it.

He didn't nap today and I got no time to myself whatsoever. So I'm going to just go to sleep and hope tomorrow is more mellow.
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Bean and Bob and Baby
19 March 2013 @ 10:33 am
So Hunter decided to potty train himself today. He's nekkid often nowadays since it's nice and warm. Today he started running to the potty. He even pooped in the potty.

We've been encouraging it. Putting him on the potty sporadically. Giving stickers and doing dances for successes and a promised awesome swirly sucker for the big first poop.

He's been pulling his diaper down after going in it for the last week, so I got him some pull ups while we were visiting my mom.

Yesterday, while wearing his diaper he pulled it off and peed in my mom's toilet. I wasn't focusing on potty training while traveling so this surprised and pleased me.

Today he's done all of his eliminating in the potty. This is awesome.

Also, he's talking so much more. His annunciation is pretty terrible but it will get better. I can mostly understand him. He's still plenty young.

Oh my mom got him a razor scooter with two back wheels, which can be changed into a two wheeled one when he's older. He's a natural. Like he just got on and went. Sure he fell a couple of times but not til he'd been scooting a bit.

We have an awesome little kid.

We have a little kid. He's definitely not a baby. He's a big little boy! Neat.

Yay for being past the hardest part! (hopefully)
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Bean and Bob and Baby
25 February 2013 @ 05:09 pm
He just got into the Roku app and started his Netflix program, grabbed his wee broom and turned off the light. He's in there watching and I just heard him yell "touchdown!" Hilarious.

So yeah, compound words, and creative thinking.

Apparently he just used his kid mode program to send an email to Bob requesting that Bob read the Velveteen Rabbit to him. ...o_O

Just now he went to my room, grabbed a diaper and the wipes and walked to his room with them. He also spontaneously decided to pee on the potty without prompting today. Big mental growth spurt! Wow!

We're in trouble. Lol.
Bean and Bob and Baby
19 February 2013 @ 01:30 am
After Hunter does something he finds satisfying he usually emits an "ahhh". I think this is adorable. He's been doing out for ages but I don't think I've recorded out anywhere and I know it's something he'll eventually stop doing. I want to remember it.

He's using full sentences basically. But only when he's calm. The storms have arrived. He's learning language so fast that he's forgetting signs and getting frustrated at his inability to communicate as clearly as he wants.

I'm trying to help him stay calm and collect his thoughts and use his words. It helps, if he's not over tired or cranky or something. Usually he's easy to understand. I mean his diction for lots of words is terrible, but we know what he's saying, that's usually enough. With others there's still all of the point and "this" stuff. With some words he's clear as a bell. Which is adorable. Man, I really just adore him. We are very lucky and blessed.

What else? He's playing dog and cat a lot. And doing art a bunch.

We've been ill so things get fuzzy. My memory is terrible but I am trying to hit highlights.

Off to sleep. My menfolk are already out. G'night.
Bean and Bob and Baby
13 February 2013 @ 03:35 pm
Hunter is talking like crazy now. He's only signing now when he doesn't know the words. We were reading a picture dictionary today. Her could say most of the words. It seems like it happened so all of a sudden. Within a month or two.

He's using words that he's heard me say but not been prompted for. I love that.

Seems like he went from 0 to 60 with his interest in books too. We got a big box of Dr Seuss and similar beginner books from Pinky. He wasn't really into the books we had apparently. They were a bit too simple I suppose. I'll have to box them up.
I'm ill and it's hard caring for him when I feel so crappy. But I do it. Not much choice really. At least I don't have pneumonia again.

Time to get Hunter in bed for his nap.
Bean and Bob and Baby
08 February 2013 @ 08:31 pm
He recognized and drew a B yesterday.
Today he grabbed the magnetic B off the fridge and said "B!" woohoo! Then he grabbed the M and said its name and an approximation of W when he turned it over. I showed him that a few days ago.

He's repeating so many things after us.
I love this stage so much. I love watching and hearing him learn.
It's beautiful and fun. Every new word is a joy to hear.
I love too when he'll pull a word out that he's heard along the way but never said before. Shows how much he's absorbing.
It's not all mimicry. It's thinking and pulling things out of his brain. So cool.

He and Bob are ill. I think Hunter's cough is now worth a doctor's visit. Which is annoying since it waited to get worse until after closing time on Friday. Ain't that always the way?

Until then I'll feed him ibuprofen, mucinex and snake gall fruitillary.

Oh fantastic, I just took his temp. He's at 101.7º crap. No Town Hall for my menfolk. Poor guys.

I'll be sure to scrub down with germ-x before I leave the car tomorrow. But I'm getting out.

It's 8:30pm and Hunter just passed out. That's almost 4 hours earlier. I don't like what this spells for my morning. :/